Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Summer Vacation

We had a fun filled vacation in San Diego! We went to three zoo's in three days. My favorite is of course Sea World, I love the shows and there is so much to do there. Thomas loved all of the fishes, whales and dolphins.

Thomas' favorite part of Sea World is the kid park, he had so much fun!

The soft blocks were the highlight of his day. We also liked it because we could just sit there and watch. After all we had done a lot of walking at this point, and I am pregnant.

I lucked out and didn't have to ride the kiddy rides with Thomas, Paul had the honors of doing that. We had a great trip and we love San Diego and we are looking forward to returning next year. Things are going pretty good right now, we are trying to potty train Thomas, so far he has peed in the potty twice. He actually loves to sit on the potty because he gets to do puzzles and read books. I am getting hugely pregnant already, which is sad because I am only almost 20 weeks. Paul is working away at his job and his church calling, not too much new there. We miss all of our family and hope they are doing well.
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WE are at the San Diego Zoo! It is a huge zoo, but we had lots of fun looking at the animals! We loved the cute Panda Bears.

I thought this picture was so cute of Thomas I just had to put it in the blog.

Thomas and Dad looking at the elephants! There are tons of elephants at the San Diego zoo. It was perfect weather for the Zoo, it was in the mid 70's.

Thomas liked the beach as long as he had his shoes on. The crazy kid does not like sand between his toes.
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