Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Teeth Finally...

Well I just had to post about this because it is so exciting!! Thomas' got his two bottom teeth, this is so exciting because I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. He is sixteen months, I was begining to think he didn't have teeth. This picture is funny because my mom took this picture while we were in San Diego and when we came home we thought he looked different somehow, I think he still looks like a different kid when I see the picture.
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5 Years!!

It was our 5th Anniversary on the 7th and we went to San Diego, The best part of all we went with out Thomas. My mom came up and stayed with Thomas for a few days while we went. This was the first time we have ever left him overnight. I will admit I was very nervous, but it was much needed and we had so much fun. Thank you Mom Thomas had so much fun with you and he misses you!

Boy if I didn't know better it looks like Paul likes animals!

This is Sunset Cliffs it is so beautiful, but it was really cold, I am wearing Three jackets, It was actually kind of nice that the weather wasn't great, there was hardly anyone at sea world. There were no lines and we got to do everything we wanted to do.

This is La Jolla cove behind us those are seals that come up to the shore, it is pretty amazing to see that outside of an aquariam. Can I also tell you there are way to many birds in San Diego, I was eating this massive ice cream cone on the beach, and I decided I was done and went to throw it away, well the seagulls were eyeing me. When I threw it away they all started chasing me. I threw my jacket over my head and started running, well that only made it worse because my jacket was flapping around like a bird. Paul said it looked like I was their leader, so I chucked my jacked and took off running. I eventually got away, but those birds are crazy! I saw them steal a guys hamburger right off his plate and Sea World. Needless to say we made it home safeley and come to find out Thomas didn't even miss me! Oh well we had a great time!!
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