Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Somebody turn on the A/C

Well, its been hotter than... well, you know. The last couple weeks we've seen temperature in the 90's, even up to 96 the other day, and with the humidity around here you'd almost think that we are no longer in North Dakota. And then you realize that no one ever imagined that they would need air conditioning in ND so they didn't install it. Well, we went to Wal-Mart and bought a fan that we carry around the house to blow hot air on ourselves, since the air conditioners were like 75 bucks... I can't wait for winter. You know when it's freezing you can always put more clothes on... but in the sweltering heat you can only take so many off, and even less outdoors. Maybe we'll see a lot of movies this summer, or like teenagers spend time hanging out in the mall bumming some of their A/C!

Friday, May 19, 2006

19 Credits... 6 Classes... 1 Grade... Priceless!!

Julie's sooooo proud! That's 3 semesters in a row, we'll just see if I can keep it up this summer with more advanced classes.

AVIT 103: Intro Air Traffic Control - A
AVIT 208: Aviation Safety - A
AVIT 260: ATC:Tower Operations I - A
AVIT 261: ATC: Radar Operations I - A
ECON 303: Money & Banking - A
MATH 146: Applied Calculus I - A

Courses Attempted - 6
Units Passed Toward GPA - 19
Current Term GPA - 4.000

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stress... Stress... & MORE STRESS


Well we learned recently that Julie's job is coming to an end. Blue Cross Blue Shield is shutting down the Grand Forks office in her department. We are hoping that they will be able to place her in another office here in Grand Forks and it will be a seamless transition. Needless to say, it's been kinda wait and see and so far we haven't seen anything. So we're worried and stressed and on top of that...


It's finals week, the time where all the time work and energy you've put in all semester can be pretty much thrown out the window by a poor performance on an exam with no recourse. So I've been studying and praying, that I will do well enough to get the grades I want. I feel ok about most of the ones I've taken, the last one is tonight at about 5:30 - it's Calculus which has been kicking my butt all semester, in other words I need to do really well. After that I'll have a couple days off to relax before... I get to start the cycle of stress all over again as a new semester starts on Monday and I'm fully loaded with classes. They cancelled one of my summer courses which threatened for a time to push my graduation back till next May, all for a 2 credit class, but luckily I spent a single semester here back in 1999, and that class hadn't been invented yet, so I don't have to take it. And then...


Late last week I got a call asking if I could drive to Fargo early Saturday morning to meet with the Stake President. So we got in the car, made the long drive, and got the news... more on that later...

But we did have some fun in Fargo, Julie wanted to check out some garage sales, and man do they take those things seriously out here, cars were parked for blocks as we walked street after street of one large neighborhood where everyone was out hawking there stuff... I've never seen such madness.. The even had professional hot dog vendors and such out for the event... We did get a nice desk for 5 bucks for my future studies and some other stuff to, we took in some Famous Daves with a giftcard while we were in town, and went to Kohl's for the latest deals. It was fun...

It's just too bad that it was the result of somebody feeling they needed to extend me a calling of Elder's quorum president... Yeah, I'm going to be busy. My plan is to just choose a couple good counselors I can lean on a great deal, only problem is we haven't been here very long and I don't really know hardly anybody, I have been staring at the ward list night after night hoping for a name or two to pop out at me, but so far no luck. Well I'll keep you informed, boy I sure wasn't ready or even expecting that one, after all it's not like we are going to be around for very long.

Well keep praying for us... We sure need it!!