Friday, February 24, 2006

2 Years & Counting....

We recently celebrated our two year anniversary; it’s crazy to think that we’ve already been married that long. Of course, Julie says it seems like forever – I don’t know what that means. But it’s been a great two years, and we look forward to many more.

School is still going good, and still tough, calculus is killing me, of course I haven’t been in a math class in 6 years, so right now 8th grade algebra would probably whoop my butt.

The snow keeps coming down and the wind keeps blowing, and it never gets above like 10 degrees here (last week wind chills were between -40 and -60), so the snow doesn’t melt, so it just keeps piling up. We don’t have real mountains, but the way they pile up snow in these huge piles, you would never know this part of the country is flat, it looks like we have rolling hills.

Can’t wait for spring to come, just glad we live on the second floor, because when it warms up and the “mountains" melt, up will come the flood.

I have received requests to put more pictures up, so even though we don’t have any recent ones, we need to buy a new roll of film, I thought I’d post some from our Christmas away from home. We set up a small tree on a TV tray and put presents under it, got dressed up in pajamas my family sent to us and made the best of it.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Really Freezing!!!

After the warmest January ever recorded in Grand Forks, winter has finally decided to kick in. The last few days we have seen crazy blizzards and temperatures in the negatives with wind chills of -20...brrrrr.

The good news is we finally got our pictures developed and decided to start posting some on our blog. This is the picture of our apartment building. We live on the second floor, it's not as bad as Julie would have you believe.

We went to a hockey game the other day. These people take this sport way to seriously. First of all all the chairs in the arena are leather and trimmed in cherry, the concourse floors aren't concrete, they're granite! We got seats in the student section, which aren't free for students, but they're not as expensive as the rest. This is no E-Center Grizzlies game either, where they're lucky to get a thousand people to a game. No the place is packed with sold out crowds of 12,000, oh and though they have a huge parking lot next to the arena, nobody gets to park there. Then the fools, at least the ones by us feel that they need to stand for the entire game... it's hockey for heaven's sake and collegiate hockey at that... We found some seats though where people were sitting down so we could get off our feet. Well, anyway it went into overtime.. a whole 18 seconds of overtime before they lost, but oh well, it was still fun they had some cool laser shows during the break, and it wasn't too cold that night, good thing since we had to walk for like a mile away.