Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Heart Walk

We had a fun filled weekend in Phoenix, we went to the Phoenix Zoo. we had so much fun! the weather was perfect and Thomas is now old enough to understand what animals are. The last time we went to the zoo in was about 200 degrees and Thomas was miserable. They have this cute little petting barn that you can go and pet goats.

Thomas loved flicking the ear of this poor goat.

After we left the zoo we had dinner at the Macaroni Grill, which was one of our favorites in Utah, after dinner I begged Paul to take me to Sprinkles, for those of you who don't know what Sprinkles is it is supposed to be an awesome cup cake shop. I say supposed to be because much to my dismay they were closed. So no Sprinkles for me oh well maybe next time. Anyway the next day we did the Phoenix heart walk. It was so much fun, it is so amazing how many people were there donating their time and money for this great cause.

They wanted the babies in strollers to just do the one mile, they also had a 5K. If any of you know Paul and I we were of course OK with the one mile. It was so funny at the half way point we were being cheered on and they were handing out water like we had just ran the marathon. And at the end of the race we went through a line of people giving high fives. I will definitely do this again every year, it made me realize what a true miracle Thomas' heart surgery really was, 10-20 years ago there could have been a completely different outcome. If you ever have a chance to do something like this for someone you love I would definitely encourage it, because it is amazing!