Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter etc....

Well the water is receding, and the grass is turning green, overall things are great. We've had temperatures in the high 70's while it was snowing in Utah, and are enjoying the outdoors with nice long walks, For example for Easter, Julie got me a football and frisbee, so we've been known to walk to the park or just hang out and play.

Speaking of Easter it was good we died eggs, got gifts from home, and have plenty of candy to last for a while, I made French bread (I make bread a lot) and baked artichoke-spinach dip, and we ate that along with some spaghetti, and Julie made no-bake cookies it was good!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I know it's been a long time since our last post, so forgive us.

As I discussed in last time, the mountains of snow had to melt sometime. Well, with the recent warm temperatures, it has!! And boy has it melted, the only thing keeping us dry, is the brand new levees they started building after the town was turned into a lake in 1997. We have seen minor and moderate flood stages come and go, and now we sit at several feet above MAJOR FLOOD stage with the Red River.

We went down for a walking tour and took some pictures for you all to enjoy. As you can see the roads are closed downtown, the bridges over the river have closed, since the water is now flowing over them.

There were a lot of people out taking picture of the event, walking on the dikes, and a few were trying to fish off the bridge, where the water is normally about a forty foot drop, but today it was up and over in some places. Now, we may have had to go over or under some yellow "do not cross" police line tape to get these pictures, but honestly, like some little yellow tape is going to keep us away, this is the biggest thing we have seen happen in our four months here!

This is the Minnesota side of the Bridge, Nobody is getting into East Grand Forks anytime soon, at least not this way.

Notice the gazeebo, there is supposed to be a large park here, playground, benches, tables, etc. Oh, yeah and that is the bridge that the water is usually a 40-foot drop.

Closed?? C'mon I have four wheel drive!

Sometimes you just can't find a convenient trash can.

I need some waders to get to Cabela's, but I need to get to Cabela's so I can get waders?

I hope nobody parked on this street.

The city is shut down, nothing to do, why not see if there is any fish in that flood. After all the river is a lot closer now!

If you want more or bigger pictures just e-mail us and we'll send them. And thanks to my family for the digital camera, so we can post these pictures the same day. Anybody want to buy us a raft, we can get a great parking space at Applebee's!