Thursday, May 07, 2009

Too Many Rocks

So we finally decided on grass.. real grass.. that means sod, sprinkling system, curbing, hmmm this is starting to sound like a long project, no to mention the trees, shrubs, garden... and please no... the maintenance.. mowing, watering, fertilizing... I'm tired just thinking about it. But, I digress, first things first: ROCKS!

We have twenty tons of the stuff... what to do with forty thousand pounds of decorative rock... People Paid money for this stuff?? It is way to expensive to pay someone to haul it away, I could take about forty loads to the dump in my truck.. still expensive and about a month long process wheelbarrowing it all out into the truck and taking load after load after load. No way.. throw it over the fence. It was a nightmare until Julie had the brilliant idea to put it on Craigslist. I resisted at first (see craigslist killer) and thought who would come and shovel out weed invested rocks for hours on end just to get some free rock. Finally, I relented, I put an add up saying if you want to come shovel it, and haul it away, you can have it... within an hour I had people responding and within two days I had 20-30 emails from people in Prescott wanting to come pick it up... unbelievable.. before I could blink my backyard was empty of all the unwanted rocks.

People even sent me pictures of what they did with it.

Gotta give Julie props for that one! Saved me hours of hard labor.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Our Backyard

So this spring/summer project has been what to do with our backyard. We have mulled over a couple options, including grass, artificial turf, garden, sand box... you name it it probably came up... again.. and again and again... One thing was for certain something needed to be done!!