Monday, January 12, 2009

New Orleans

There are a whole bunch of Plantation about an hour outside of New Orleans, that are so amazing I couldn't believe we were in Louisiana still.

This was our favorite one, we thought the trees were amazing, it looked like it was straight out of an old movie.

This is Bourbon Street, once again bad parent alert we took Thomas down this road, and yes some girl threw her beads to him. Thank goodness we did not see any nudity.

We took a cute little fairy boat to Algiers which if you ask me is a pretty lame place, but the boat ride was fun.

Sugar Bowl!!

Guess who wen to the Sugar Bowl, That's right we did!!! It was a crazy time in New Orleans, The food was yummy, Bourbon Street was crazy, and the service there wasn't very good. and oh yeah the best part of all The Utes won!!!!!

Can you believe what terrible parents we are we kept Thomas up at all hours of the night, the noise was so loud at the game that we had to plug his ears with waded up paper napkins. Thomas really did have a good time, he clapped every time there was a good play, it was pretty cute.

It was so crazy that we won by so much, almost everyone thought that Alabama would win, but we sure showed them!

We decided to take a road trip to to the coast, it was so pretty there we wished it was warmer weather so we could have played in the water. As you can tell Thomas hates the sand and is not a nature lover like his Dad. I will have to cure him of this because I like the out doors.
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