Tuesday, June 16, 2009


wow! I have not blooged in a long time, sorry to the few of us who follow this blog. We have been pretty busy working on our yard and going on vacation. Thomas and I took a long trip to Utah recently and we had so much fun. We first went to his Aunt Kellyanne's Graduation from Taylorsville High. We were so excited to see our family, it had been a while!

Thomas found this Rocking horse at my brother's house that he loved and couldn't get enough of.

We went to Lagoon with my family, for the first time with Thomas, he couldn't ride to many rides, but he did like the Merry-go-round, well he liked it once it began moving.

This is Thomas' cousin Brianna, they had so much fun together (they kissed most of the day). Thomas just loved being with all of his cousins, We were really sad when we had to leave. So to all of our family out there Thomas' misses you and he want's you to come visit!
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