Thursday, October 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Thomas!!!!

I just wanted to wish my Birthday Boy a great big Happy Birthday! I can't believe he is two, where does the time go? I just want him to know how much we love him, and couldn't begin to imagine life without him. I cant help but remember a year and a half ago when he was having open heart surgery and seeing him strapped to a bed with tubes everywhere, how lucky we are to have him. I remember sitting in his room by his bedside when bells started ringing throughout the hospital , the baby next door had gone into cardiac arrest and within a few short minutes that precious baby passed away. I will never forget that horrible feeling, Paul and paced the hospital floors that night, there was no way we could sleep. That was probably one of the most defining nights of my life knowing how much you love someone and how you would do anything for them. Thomas has been our little miracle and you can tell by the picture what a happy and fun kid he is! We love you Thomas!!
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Sara said...

Great picture!! Happy Birthday Thomas. :)