Thursday, July 02, 2009

Washington D.C

Wow! I haven't blogged in quit some time sorry about that to our handful of readers. We have been traveling like crazy, Thomas and I went to Utah for almost two weeks, we came home for four days and then we went to D.C. We had so much fun in our nations capitol, I had no idea I would enjoy D.C. as much as I did. Thomas also loved it! The Washington Monument above was his absolute favorite site, we went to see the monuements at night when they were all lit up. Thomas could not quit staring at it.

I highly recommend seeing the monuments at night it was nice and cool and they look amazing at night. It was so awesome to be around so much history

Our first time on a real life subway, it wasn't as dirty or scary as I thought it would be. Although it was kind of scary thinking just a couple of days after riding this subway that it crashed.

Thomas at the Air and Space museum of course we had to go to this museum look who I married.
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